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121 meetings with Viv

You can meet with me via Zoom to discuss your situation or your family's situation, such as being in Autistic Burnout and the effect upon you or a child's life. You might want a supporting letter about an autistic child or teenager (for school, social services or the LA) regarding things such as autistic burnout and how it is impacting you or your child/family.

Adults who are newly identified or diagnosed may want to discuss what it means for them to be neurodivergent and how to thrive rather than survive.

I can also write supporting letters regarding an autistic person who is in the criminal justice system and needs a letter explaining things such as autistic meltdowns, shutdowns, sensory issues, communication and autistic burnout, etc.

These sessions are not therapeutic and I am NOT a medical or mental health professional, but an expert by experience and I have many years experience of providing counsel, guidance and mentoring to others.

If you need me to advocate for you regarding your situation I do this by attending meetings or writing supporting letters. 


I cannot help with EHCPs, EOTAS or tribunals.

You can book a one hour 121 with me by clicking on this link


Terms and conditions of 121 support and advocacy

  1. The 1-1 session is for an hour. It is an opportunity to discuss your or your child's situation and I will share my insights and suggestions as a Neurodivergent adult and parent, in line with my books and resources.

  2. I am not a medical or mental health professional 

  3. I can give constructive feedback and guidance.

  4. Any advocacy work I do is usually in the form of letter-writing, phone calls, and attending meetings with you.

  5. You can book and pay via the Calendly link - if you cannot use PayPal please contact me and I can send you another way to book and pay

  6. By paying for our 1-1 meeting you are agreeing to the terms and conditions that I am not liable in any way for any circumstances, incidents or situations that occur after our discussion regarding your situation. 

  7. I cannot give a refund for a session if you cannot attend but I can reschedule at no extra cost

  8. I do not work with children but only adults 18+

  9. 121 sessions are on Zoom and cost £45 for an hour

  10. If you require a supporting letter the cost is £120 and includes a one hour 121 session beforehand

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