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A 34 page booklet (PDF download) to help you understand Autistic Burnout and Extreme Burnout Crisis in older young people and adults. This booklet is essential reading for professionals working with Autistic people (first responders, social workers, mental health professionals, medical staff, therapists, psychologists etc).

The booklet gives the reader a basic understanding of what might be happening when an older Autistic and particularly AuDHD (Autistic and ADHD) older young person or adult is experiencing an extreme burnout crisis that might for some lead to psychiatric detention in an inpatient unit or sadly even prison for some.


I am not a mental health professional or clinician but what I write is from lived experience and experience of working for the NHS within the criminal justice system and the field of addiction with mostly neurodivergent people.

Understanding Autistic Burnout and Extreme Burnout Crisis PDF DOWNLOAD

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