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Now Available On Amazon

The first book of its kind about autistic burnout and the first published workbook on autistic burnout available on Amazon!

Free pdf guide to meltdowns, shutdowns and autistic burnout for first responders

This free guide for first responders, particularly aimed at police officers, explains what meltdowns and shutdowns are and also autistic burnout.  It is crucial information that could help first responders in a situation where they are presented with an autistic person in crisis.

It explains what meltdowns and shutdowns are and the best approach to take with an autistic person in fight/flight/freeze mode and also explains the subject of autistic burnout, which is often misunderstood and misdiagnosed by clinicians. 

Free Download

Now also available an Amazon as a paperback
This is an extended version with more information 

Free download regarding PMDD and neurodivergent people

Link to my evidence, published by the Health and Social Care Parliamentary Select Committee regarding Autistic Burnout

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