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Training for Individuals, Parents and Organisations

I have many years experience of training others and running workshops.

I currently run online webinars and F2F training sessions also.

The webinars I currently offer are:

Understanding Autistic Burnout - This is a 2 hour webinar looking at the basics of what autistic burnout is, the signs, causes, triggers and what helps an individual.

How to Help an Autistic Child on Their Healing Journey During & After Burnout - This is a 2 hour webinar that recaps what autistic burnout is, but specifically how it presents in autistic children.  It will also look at the main causes, signs and then looks at what will help the child to heal and what will help them on a recovery journey, including prevention.

Extreme Autistic Burnout Crisis and Autistic Adults -This 90 min webinar is aimed at autistic adults and professionals working with autistic adults.  It looks at the levels of autistic burnout and how an autistic adult can reach a place of extreme crisis which can lead to devastating consequences

Other webinars also available:


Girls, people assigned female at birth and autism 

Understanding autism and neurodivergence

Understanding Autistic Meltdowns and Shutdowns

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