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Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate


Feedback from professionals and parents regarding my books, training and talks

"I just thought you’d like to hear that your book has already helped us in under a week of having it. My daughter completed the autistic burnout checklist and this afternoon I showed it to the SENCO.  I believe it was this that convinced her so quickly to reduce the school timetable...... This was after the school had said that we could only have a part-time timetable for 2 weeks and no more after that. I am feeling such immense relief this evening - I feel like someone understands, and that we have space to breathe. 

There is also plenty of other practical stuff in the book that we’re going to find ever so useful as a family".  (from a parent and school teacher)

“Saw you today at the Behind the Mask event. Thought your speech was so informative but also wonderfully personal and emotive. So I came home and looked you up on Facebook! I am genuinely inspired after today and will bring a whole new level of understanding to my practice and parenting!” (SENCo)


"The book is super helpful! We had never heard of autistic burnout before stumbling on the term and have spent two years looking for answers and doing all the wrong things. Now we’re having to explain it to doctors and the school etc. One professional said they are learning from it. Thank you so much!" (Parent)

“So worthwhile. Well presented, to the point, but also nurturing. Viv managed to hold a safe space for all there” (Parent)

“Excellent presentation! Likeable presenter. Great insights. Quality slides. Very interesting and helpful.” (Parent)

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