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Viv Dawes Autistic Advocate

Lived Experience Advocate,
Trainer & Author

 25 years experience of working with adults and vulnerable people

About Me

I am Viv Dawes, a late-identified and diagnosed autistic lived experience advocate, writer and trainer. I am also the parent of a ND teenager. I have over 25 years’ experience of working with vulnerable young people and adults, including neurodivergent people. I have many years’ experience in delivering training, online and face to face workshops, management of programmes and have vast experience and understanding of how to work with vulnerable young people and adults. 

For 7 years I worked as an NHS Senior Practitioner, managing a team of prison drug workers and after this ran my own addiction recovery programme for 10 years, which helped many people with extremely complex needs, achieve recovery from addiction.

I run a weekly support group in Aldershot, Hampshire (UK), for parents of autistic teenagers and recently contributed to the Hampshire Autism Strategy on Autistic Burnout. I am a member of the Rushmoor and Hart Police constabulary Independant Advisory Group; I have an enhanced DBS due to this. I am insured and GDPR compliant.

'Understanding Autistic Burnout Workbook'

For Autistic Adults

(recently updated)

Available On Amazon

This workbook is the first of its kind available to purchase either by downloading it from my shop as a PDF, or by purchasing it from Amazon as a book.  

The book has had a profound effect upon many people, who have finally understood why their child or they themselves have struggled with school, university, work etc and were perhaps told it was a breakdown.  Many autistic and AuDHD (autistic and ADHD) folk have ended up being misdiagnosed and prescribed medication for depression and often put on anti psychotic medication.  Many have tried counselling and various therapies and nothing has helped. Burnout does not respond to typical therapy and medication may often not help.  Lifestyle changes are often what is required and looking at issues such as masking, demanding environments and what is contributing to sensory overload.  

The book is suitable for autistic adults, parents of autistic children and professionals working with autistic people.

My Services


Resources to purchase. Buy tickets for an online or face to face workshop. Book a 121 meeting. Training for professionals/organisations, including schools

My New Book For Parents Now Also Available As A Download
Or On Amazon

 An A4 book specifically aimed at parents of autistic (and other ND) children, regarding understanding burnout

Resources for neurodivergent people, parents and professionals

Workbook downloads, support cards, membership, webinar recordings and more


121 online meeting with Viv.  This is not counselling or therapy.  I am not able to give advice on legal matters regarding EHCPs, tribunals or court cases.
Online or F2F meetings with me are for adults seeking information regarding diagnosis, autistic burnout, recovery, etc.  I can also meet with parents, carers, professionals, but I do not work with children.

£30 per hour

One to One Meetings With Viv

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Online Webinars

Training for professionals/organisations

Online or F2F training

Prices start at £175

Attend an online workshop with Viv


Webinar Recordings Available

Increase your understanding of Autistic Burnout, Recovery from Burnout (schoolchildren) and Extreme Burnout Crisis (adults) by purchasing access to webinar recordings.  £15 one-off payment gives you access for one year to two webinars.  There is a parents plan and an autistic adults plan.

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