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This is a PDf download version of my book (there is a book version avaiable on Amazon).

Autistic burnout is currently a hot topic in the neurodivergent community and so it should be, because so many professionals are still unaware and ill-informed about something that can devastate the lives of those experiencing it.  Many autistic children and young people, especially teenagers in secondary school, are crashing due to being burnt out.  Why are so many autistic children and young people experiencing burnout and what can parents do when their child is suffering?

This concise and well-researched workbook is based upon my own experiences as the parent of an ND teenager who experienced burnout due to the school system.  The book seeks to help parents of autistic children and young people who they think may be experiencing burnout to navigate the system, understand what their child is experiencing, why they are struggling and make appropriate adjustments.


The topics covered are:

What is autism and neurodivergence?
Why it is important to understand autistic burnout
What is autistic burnout?
Overshadowing autistic burnout
Autistic burnout tracker
Survival brain
What causes autistic burnout?
Interoception and alexithymia
Sensory trauma
The sensory system
Meltdowns and shutdowns
School burnout
Demands and expectations
Hyperfocus and monotropic split
Self harm
Creating environments where autistic children can heal and thrive Monotropic hyperfocus and balance
What do low demand homes look like?
How do we get there as a family?
Recovery journey


There are also worksheets throughout the book and support sheets to show to professionals working with your child/teenager.


Also avalable as a book on Amazon

Supporting Autistic Children & Young People Through Burnout PDF DOWNLOAD

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