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Autistic Burnout Network


The understanding, recognition and acceptance of Autistic Burnout by professionals working with autistic adults and children, is vital for the well-being of autistic people. As many as 80% of autistic people can experience burnout ( and this can lead to serious mental health problems; it can significantly impact their quality of life, education, employment, relationships and their physical health.
There is an increasing awareness, mostly due to the autistic community, namely advocates such as Keiran Rose, Judy Endow, Kristy Forbes and others (who have been talking about it for years) and due to research by people such as Dr Dora Raymaker, Dr Samuel Arnold, Julianne Higgins and others.

Autistic Burnout is too commonly misdiagnosed as depression or even personality disorders, such as EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder, also known as Borderline Personality Disorder). This can be a devastating misdiagnosis and can lead to support that causes more harm to the autistic individual. Many autistic people are also misdiagnosed with things like EUPD or BiPolar before they eventually get an autism diagnosis, which can be many years later. Dr Judy Eaton talks about this and has published her book  'Autism missed and misdiagnosed'
Researchers such as Dr Samuel Arnold and Julianne Higgins and others are working towards recognised criteria, so Autistic Burnout can be diagnosed (and I assume possibly even included in DSM-VI?). Arnold and Higgin's (et al) research paper "Investigating Autistic Burnout-Final Report" (2022) includes preliminary criteria and they continued their work in "Towards the measurement of Autistic Burnout" (2023)

My aim for this network of neurodivergent professionals, is to promote the understanding of Autistic Burnout and to create a place where neurotypical professionals working with Autistic people (for example GPs, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Teaching staff including SENCos, Legal representatives, therapists, etc) can come for the information and training they need to understand and recognise Autistic Burnout and learn how to best support and advise the individual. Those providing this information and training will be Neurodivergent professionals with a vast array of experience.

If you are a neurodivergent professional (GP, Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Researcher, Teacher, etc), have a good understanding of Autistic Burnout and want to join the network (to help spread understanding and recognition amongst other professionals working with Autistic people) please complete the registration form below. I will invite everyone to occasional virtual meetings to get to know each other and start putting content together and plan training packages.

I look forward to meeting you soon


Recent research regarding Autistic Burnout 

'Measuring and validating autistic burnout' Mantzalas et al (2024)

'Towards the measurement
of autistic burnout' Arnold et al (2023)

'Confirming the nature of autistic burnout' Arnold et al (2023)

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