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Once you have purchased a subscription (see link at bottom) you have access to the members page

Parents Support Group

Once a month on a Wednesday lunchtime, 12.30 to 1.30 (BST), I run an online support group via Zoom, for parents of autistic children and teenagers who are at home due to experiencing autistic burnout. The group is a safe, confidential and welcoming space, to share your experiences, concerns and to ask questions. 


I often have guest speakers who will bring their knowledge and wisdom to the group on various topics such as PDA, sleeping issues, the nervous system and regulation, etc. Because it is a confidential space it is never recorded.

For only £5 per month you become a member of the group and get access to the Members Only page - where you will find the link for the zoom meeting, updates on meetings and various free resources for members.

Parents who have joined the group have often been experiencing burnout themselves and also questioning their neurotype. The group has been a little oasis of calm in what can be a really exhausting time, supporting a family which may be in crisis. 

To become a member of the monthly parents support group, please click on the button below to purchase a monthly subscription from the Plans and Prices page for £5 per month.

Those who have purchased a monthly subscription for the parents support group can then access the Members Only page, where you will find the zoom link and dates of meetings, etc

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