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A pack of 40 playing card size cards, that explain autistic burnout and what can help with recovery.


Each card has a small amount of information about topics such as:


  • What it means to be autistic and neurodivergent
  • What autistic burnout is
  • Why burnout happens
  • What is masking
  • What are demands
  • What is monotropism
  • The nervous system
  • What helps with emotional & sensory regulation
  • Why interests are important
  • Prevention and more


These are a low demand way to help explain autistic burnout for anyone - children, young people or adults. They are also useful for parents of autistic children, professionals working with autistic people, therapists and counsellors with autistic clients.


I send these out myself personally, once a week by second class mail, usually on a Wednesday or once I recieve stock (whichever comes first). 

Autistic Burnout and Recovery Cards (Australia, Canada and US postage)

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